Vegan in LA: Pizzeria Mozza & friendly Angelinos

19 Jan

Day 17 – Vegans want pizza too!

Thanks to QuarryGirl, I learned that Pizzeria Mozza is vegan-friendly. Hip, hip, hooray! So we headed over to cross another restaurant off the hit list.

Once again, the staff was incredibly accommodating to this little vegan diner. Angelinos must just be friendly. When I was out walking Simon, I had three people stop and talk to me today for literally 10 minutes. Well, they stopped to pet Simon, but then paid the toll and talked to me (about Simon).

Anywho… we had 8:30 reservations. We were promptly seated at an end table beside a group of four who were devouring multiple pizzas with tons of cheese and other devil toppings. Their ooooooing and ahhhhhing was making me nuts because although I wished I didn’t, I do still miss my cheese. 😦 The sounds were more R-rated than anything you’d expect to hear in a restaurant, so that grossed me out on an entirely new level.

The butcher paper placemats were printed with some ‘read while you wait’ info. Mine listed ingredients for the margarita pizza. Mr.K’s was more of a fact sheet.

Below pic: I know it’s hard to read. Evidently the pictures I DO take don’t even come out well. Lose, lose. It says “Women are 2X more likely to order vegetable toppings on their pizza”.  Just proves I’m a walking statistic…

My question is, where was the wine stat? I.e. X% of people who order vegetable toppings drink X amount of wine. We ordered a quartino of 2008 Morellino di Scansano “i Perazzi,” La Mozza, Maremma, Toscana which was lovely and led to a second quartino later. One thing that annoys me about LA is all the driving. Either people a) drink and drive here all the time, b) don’t drink, or c) have personal drivers. We go with option d) marry your designated driver.

We started with a few apps. Mostly veggie, plus one with cheese for my poor husband who has been schlepping from one vegan dinner to another with me. [You’re the best!]

The broccolini with chiles and vinegar tastes exactly as it sounds. Tart and mouth-puckering from the vinegar, with a little heat at the end. Tasty!

The spicy green beans with almonds didn’t lie. They are spicy! They have little chile slices that put out some serious heat. [Hahah – insert Beavis joke.]  The beans were bright green and crunchy. As you can see, I nearly devoured the entire dish before realizing I needed a photo. I swear, I’m the worst food blogger ever. I’ll get better at remembering the pics really, I will.

White beans alla Toscana with extra virgin olive oil & saba (a.k.a. White bean bruschetta with oil and vinegar). According to Gourmet Sleuth, Saba vingear (or mosto cotto) means “cooked grape juice” made from a sweet unfermented syrup from Trebbiano grapes. It’s an unconcentrated pre-balsamic vinegar which provides a “caramelized grape” flavor. All I can say is, YUM. The bean/evoo/balsamic combination is classic and one of my favorites.

For a quick dip, blend cannelini beans with garlic and extra virgin olive oil and finish with a little balsamic. Great for dipping bread, crackers, veggies etc. I also marinate whole cannelini beans in balsamic, extra virgin o.o. and garlic for a couple hours and then use it as a topping on toasted bread. It’s like a chunky, unblended version of the below. This works great for a quick antipasto platter. You can also do the same marinade with roasted red peppers (either roast them yourself or buy jarred). So easy, super-healthy, and tasty to boot!

Mr. K ordered the fried zucchini blossoms with ricotta (non-vegan, obvi). The little guy in the pic had two to three friends when he arrived, but the photographer neglected to document them. Better late than never.

And for the grand finale…hold the applause, we ordered the sicilian pie with tomato, extra virgin, and oregano and to help the statistic, took the server’s suggestion of adding mushrooms. The pizza was amazing with puffy, partly burnt crust. And yes, I’m a freaking moron. I completely forgot to take a pic. I was so busy stuffing my damn face. Lucikly, I found the replacement photo below of myself in a post-pizza workout. Obviously, this isn’t really me since I wouldn’t be wearing cheese.

Only a couple days left in LA! I love it here, and love the weather, but I do miss my kitchen. I’m getting inspired by all the great meals and looking forward to cooking it up back home!!


2 Responses to “Vegan in LA: Pizzeria Mozza & friendly Angelinos”

  1. the RA Vegan January 20, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    I admit to being a little jealous of you having such wonderful restaurant choices! I live sort of semi-rural and there is one place with a vegan burrito, but that’s the only choice. But! Your meal looked fabulous! (And by the way, I’m a food blogger who forgets to take food photos too. And mine don’t look as good as yours. I keep hoping I get better!) Cheese has been the hardest thing for me too. And breakfast sausage, oddly enough. I can’t find a vegan one here and I miss that flavor. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    • chelsea January 22, 2011 at 12:03 pm #

      Hi @theRAVegan – thanks for reading! yes, I agree, living in an urban area can definitely make things easier as you tend to have access to more options. I have heard really good things about I haven’t tried them out yet, but they seem to have a lot of items available for online purchase which might be useful for those in more rural areas. I grew up in Maine so I definitely understand how difficult it can be. Whenever we needed anything it would always be this big production as we needed to “plan” to make the best use of our 20 minute drive to the grocery store. Anyway, as far as sausage substitutes go, I highly recommend the tofurky italian sausage. see my post from 1/13 (penne with pesto broccoli & “sausage”). It’s my fallback and I always find it satisfies that salt craving.
      Thx for reading!!

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