Earth Day Feature: the Water Bobble – reusable bottle filters tap water on the go

22 Apr

These days, carrying a plastic water bottle is like bearing a scarlet P on your chest. There are tons of reusable water bottles on the market; some are BPA-free, some stainless, some are workout specific, but there’s one that stands out above the rest.

Today is Earth Day and to celebrate, I wanted to share my most recent purchase…the Bobble.

18oz bobble

If you want to do something good for your body and eco-friendly, get a Water Bobble! It’s a water bottle made from recycled plastic, that has its own carbon filter so as long as you have access to a tap, you will always have access to filtered, delicious water. It’s BPA-free, and the filter will remove chlorine and organic contaminants from municipal/potable water. It’s not recommended in areas where water is of unknown quality. The Bobble provides an easy way to help the environment, and increase your water daily water intake. And it’s a huge money saver! The bottle is only $10 and the filter lasts for 300 uses. The replacement filters (they recommend changing every two months) are only $7. How much do you think you spend a year on bottled or filtered water?

Some scary facts (courtesy of

$17 billion – Amount Americans spend annually for portable water

Almost 1.5 million – Number of oil barrels used to make plastic water bottles (which end up in landfills, our oceans, and other areas of our environment)

Now through 4/25, purchase at and it’s buy one, get one free! Get one for yourself and give the extra to a spouse, child, or friend. I just ordered a second in lavender and sent two to my parents.

The Water Bobble, designed by award-winning designer Karim Rashid, come in six colors and three sizes (13 oz, 18.5 oz and 34 oz). I saw a kid’s version at The Container Store that came in a fun, lunchbox size, multi color, but I didn’t see it listed on the Bobble website.

13oz kiddie bobble

My only criticisms are:

  1. I wish it came with a calendar or a way to track when you need to change the filter
  2. I wish the cap was a flip-top or had a leash. When working out, I need a flip top that can be opened with one hand but covers the nozzle during my workout for sanitary reasons. Having a separate cap just means it’s going to get lost. That said, I noticed they will provide a replacement cap at no cost, so I expect I’m not the only one who feels this way.
Get your Bobble on!

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