Tips for Eating Local and Organic

9 Nov

Hello friends,

As some of you know, I’ve been writing for Clean Plates, a healthy eating guide to restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn (Los Angeles and other cities coming soon). If you love dining out like I do, but are looking to eat healthier, the book and website are the perfect tools. From fine dining, to casual corner restaurants, you’ll find the right spot whether you’re a carnivore dining with a vegan, or an omnivore just looking to eat healthier or try someplace new.

We are very fortunate to have specialty food stores, gourmet ingredients, farmers markets, and organic/natural health food stores here in NYC. My friends and family often ask for recommendations on how to get local, fresh food, or how to find a CSA. So I’ve compiled  Tips for Farm-to-Table Eating on the Clean Plates blog. OH and the pic is by moi too.

Please feel free to add comments here and on the CP blog, and share to Facebook and Twitter. Let’s spread the word and get more people eating in a healthful way!

For farmer’s market newbies, I’ve also created a Beginner’s Guide to Farmer’s Markets. Remember, not everything at the farmer’s market is organic so if you’re not sure, ask.

Thanks as always for your support! I’m so proud to be working on something I believe in. You can buy the book here.


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    […] made me more creative in my cooking and more mindful in my eating. And when I started writing for Clean Plates, I realized the principles I stick to at home should also apply to the restaurants I choose and so […]

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