What is the Food Buff all about?  

“Food Buff” was conceived from my obsession with overall health and wellness. Diet and exercise are obviously key to maintaining a healthful lifestyle. I focus on a “clean”, organic, whole-food, plant-based diet. I avoid processed foods and replace them with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and low-fat proteins like beans, tofu, and tempeh. Eating healthy doesn’t mean a life of bland, tasteless food!

I’m not into calorie counting, low-sugar, low-fat, low-carb, or any other “low” or “no” “diets”. By flooding the body with nutrient dense energy and eating REAL foods in moderation, the body regulates itself.  Food can be the most healing thing we can do for our bodies and our souls, but it can also be the most damaging when we’re consuming “fake” foods filled with artificial ingredients. You’re better off eating a teaspoon of real sugar, than packets of sweet and low, or a nonfat, sugar-free yogurt.

Sure it’s hard to do ALL of this, ALL the time. I’m not perfect, and do indulge, but as long as a majority of the time I’m eating well, I’m happy. It’s not about being “good” or “bad”; it’s about living well in order to feel my best.

What will I find on Food Buff?

This blog is a combination of adapted and original recipes, delicious restaurant meals/experiences, product reviews, fitness reviews, and fitness tips.

My approach to fitness is easy. In order to stick with anything long term, my exercise has to have two things: fun and variety. I have a constant rotation of different workouts from Pilates to spinning, and will share my experiences and tips here.

About Chelsea

I grew up in Maine with two very health conscious, environmentally aware parents.  My dad grew up on a farm and can literally grow anything. My mom is Japanese, a nurse, and an amazing cook. Everything we ate was pure and natural, from vegetables and fruit from the garden, to homemade maple syrup. Our diet was mainly fish and plant-based, with few processed foods. At a very young age, I knew how amazing fresh ingredients tasted, the benefits of cooking from scratch, and the dangers of artificial preservatives. Although I never cooked as a child, it definitely shaped who I am today, so I’m eternally grateful for parents that emphasized the importance of what we put in our bodies.

Except for a blackout period of horrific eating in college, I’ve stuck to this philosophy throughout my life. I’ve been food obsessed for as long as I can remember, but wasn’t into cooking until I graduated from college and had to fend for myself.

Culinary Experience

After working many years in advertising and marketing, I left the corporate world to attend the French Culinary Institute, where I developed a foundation of cooking techniques. I’ve spent time both front and back of house in the restaurant world, as a host and extern at Tabla, and a stint as an extern at Gramercy Tavern.  I’ve also lived on the TV production side, food styling for the Food Network show “Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger” and for Tyler Florence’s cookbook, “Tyler’s Ultimate”. There’s a photo of someone holding a pie just out of the oven… those are my arms! I’ve worked for the NYC Wine & Food Festival, and attended all the major culinary events (Aspen Food & Wine Classic, South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Pebble Beach Wine & Food) when I worked for KitchenAid.

Chelsea is available for freelance writing, blogging, and other culinary related work. Please contact Chelsea at chelsgrant[at]gmail[dot]com.

Non-Culinary Side

Chelsea has over ten years experience in marketing. She’s worked for companies like BBDO Worldwide, Showtime Networks, Digitas (on the KitchenAid business) and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, handling everything from traditional advertising campaigns, to public relations, and event marketing.

If you are interested in discussing freelance marketing opportunities, or hiring Chelsea as a consultant, please email chelsgrant[at] gmail[dot]com. See her full profile at LinkedIn.

I hope you find Food Buff a helpful resource, a safe place for us all to share, learn, and laugh out loud. Thanks for reading and may we all find…

Happiness in Food. Fun in Fitness.



One Response to “About”

  1. Anna Padula March 27, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

    I love this concept! Can’t wait to receive tips and suggestions especially as I try to get my hubby, a fantastic cook but relentless carnivore…on a diet…LOL!

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