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Stick & Pop, “Cake on a Stick” Opens in Chelsea

12 Feb

Good news for those living in Chelsea…Stick & Pop just opened on 19th Street. This adorable, whimsical shop is home to the cake on a stick, a unique Valentine’s gift for the cake-lover in your life. Not only do these little morsels taste amazing, but they’re also almost too pretty to eat. ALMOST.

Fans of carrot cake should try the Nutty Bunny, carrot cake dipped in white chocolate and covered in walnuts, while  traditionalists will love Birthday Cake, vanilla cake dipped in dark chocolate, rolled in colorful sprinkles. I’m partial to the O’Hara, coconut cake coated in dark chocolate and rolled in coconut.

With 11 original flavors to try, I didn’t want to make a pig of myself, so I’ll be back for the Johnny Cake. Peanut butter cake, dipped in dark chocolate, covered in pretzels and sea salt sounds like the Chubby Hubby of the cake world. Oh my, is that food arousal I’m experiencing?

Stick & Pop also caters to special occasions, perfect for a wedding or baby shower favor, kid’s party, special events like birthdays or corporate events, as well as their creative seasonal and holiday varieties.

And boy do I love anything that’s small, and portioned out for me. These individual pops are decadent enough to satisfy that sweet craving without going overboard, unless of course you eat a dozen.

P.S. If you’re in the neighborhood, swing by Sugar Cookies the neighboring boutique lingerie shop, and pair those sweets with a little spice.

Birthday Cake: vanilla cake dipped in dark chocolate, rolled in colorful sprinkles

Pictured from left are: Johnny Cakes, Darling, Birthday Cake, O'Hara, Moonpop.

Stick & Pop

233 W. 19th Street (between 7th and 8th Avenues)

Phone: 646.481.4767 Email: stickandpopnyc@gmail.com

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