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Traveling Vegan

15 Jan

Day 13  –  P&P in LA

Traveling is stressful no matter what the circumstances. Packing, traffic, topped off with too close for comfort pat downs, just makes flying a PITA. Add new dietary restrictions and an 8lb yorkie, and it’s a whole new ballgame. I’m off to LA for a week and although I know the west coast is the motherland for vegetarians/vegans, it’s still nerve-wracking being out of my element. That said, the trip is off to a good start.

Gate 22 on Delta at JFK had a new “lounge” equipped with iPads at each section. Well, it was new to me anyway. Ironically, it’s called Croque Madame (ham and cheese sandwich with fried egg). It’s a cross between a diner and a futuristic library. The lights remind me of a college library, or perhaps it was the girl sitting behind me (the one with the sweatshirt) who was a dead ringer for a college student, fully equipped with an enormous teddy bear in her duffel bag. Damn. I wish I took a photo.

The cool part is you can order drinks and food on the iPads at each station. I ordered a champagne, the hubbie got the standard Jack and Coke.   After placing our order, a message indicates our drinks will come in about 10 minutes, then we get a “thank you for your order!” message.

I tried the Epicurious app while I waited for my drink, but it didn’t work. Fabulous. There goes that entertainment.

There was really nothing on the food menu that I could (or wanted to) eat so I headed over to Balducci’s. I was impressed to find the vegan dumplings that I’ve purchased at Whole Foods before. How convenient!!! If you ever eat these in public, beware. They are delicious, but they STINK. I brought them on the plane and quickly realized I was THAT person so I scarfed a couple in. I barely opened the container, negotiating them out on an angle to help save my fellow travelers from the stench. It’s really the garlic and scallions that do it but if you can deal, they’re tasty little morsels. Consider yourself warned.

When I got back to our library cube, I was informed they were out of champagne (big frowny face). Instead I got a Sauvignon Blanc which was totally fine. This was the guy who brought it to me. I like him.

With a glasss of wine in me, I could deal with the completely booked flight. It reminds me why traveling on long weekends isn’t ideal. Sadly, no upgrade for us. I think it’s because Leighton Meester took my seat in 1st.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for my vegan adventures in LA. Bring on the sunshine!



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