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Day 1 of the 30-day Veggie Challenge

3 Jan

Day one without meat, fish, poultry and limited intake of dairy/eggs. So far, so good. I’m energized and had a busy day so haven’t been snacky.

No time to make lunch today so I picked up a prepared vegan roasted tomato soup from Whole Foods. And of course, the first thing I thought was shit…. I cannot eat this without a grilled cheese! So I bought a vegan rice cheese “american” flavor. This goes against everything I know…fake cheese, and American flavor no less!!! BLECK. I’m not ordinarily fond of vegan/vegetarian substitutes like Tofurky or rice cheese etc. I usually find these options just as bad as eating the real thing since it’s so processed. That said, I decided to test it out in the spirit of experiencing a true vegan/vegetarian diet.The cheese honestly didn’t taste like much of anything, but it melted well and gave the effect I needed to satisfy the grilled cheese urge. I’ll have to try it again to really gather an opinion on this stuff.

I LOVE this sprouted grain & seed bread.The slices are small (good for portion control) and it has amazing texture. ¬†You can see all the good stuff in it (sprouted wheat, malted barley, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc). Yes, it’s “hippie” bread but don’t scoff, it’s really tasty and makes you realize that plain baguette is pretty boring in comparison.

Whenever I buy a loaf of bread it always goes moldy before I can eat it so frozen breads like this particular one from Food for Life are a life saver. I get this one in the freezer section at Whole Foods. I just toast it with jam and almond butter, or for a grilled cheese, I toast it a little to warm it up and then put it in the pan with Earth Balance (vegan margarine). Be sure to put a lid on the pan to help the cheese melt.

The soup kind of tasted like pasta sauce, but that’s what I get for not making lunch from scratch! It did the trick though, a perfectly light, healthy meal on a cold winter’s day.

I also used soy milk in my cappuccino this morning which was fine and actually gave a nutty sweetness so I didn’t need any sugar (thank you Cafe Grumpy). For snacks, I had a Pink Lady apple from the farmer’s market and a handful of almonds from Trader Joe’s. Dinner will be leftovers from last night.

I don’t really want to turn this into a boring food journal but for those of you interested in vegan/vegetarian diets, thought it may help to see how easy it actually is to adjust your diet. (Of course, I’m saying it’s easy after 1 day). When I have good products or recipes to share, I definitely will and I hope you’ll do the same. The one thing I’m quickly learning is that there’s a major shortage of good resources for vegan/vegetarians.

Today’s Workout: 1 hour semi-private reformer/mat session at Power Pilates at 8am. Then 1-hour class with Amy at The Bar Method in SOHO.

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