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Happy 1st Anniversary!

1 Jan

Exactly one year ago today, I started this blog. I decided to greet 2011 as a vegan and wanted to record my experience.  I’d just finished watching Food, Inc. and was so grossed out by eating meat, poultry, fish, and dairy, being vegan seemed like a cinch. Staying vegan at home was easy, but dining out felt so hard and often complicated. I slowly transitioned to a mostly vegetarian diet with occasional fish and ate this way the rest of the year.

And then December came…the first time that I craved meat all year. I sent 2011 off with two back-to-back meals of steak and short rib.  I’m not sure why but when the body asks, I like to answer.

Steak & Fries at Salt's Cure, LA

It has been an interesting journey with food this year. I’ve spent the year letting my body tell me what it wants, which has taken me from vegan, to vegetarian, to flexitarian (if we have to label it something). And what I’ve learned is, I doubt I’ll ever be one thing. There may be days where I detest chicken, and then a week where that’s all I want. I don’t have to declare myself vegan, vegetarian, or anything else to explain it. It seems obvious but you’d be surprised how comforting a label can be sometimes.

On my quest to achieve the highest level of health and nutrition, I’ve tried to go with what my body tells me but use the highest quality, organic, cleanest version of whatever that is. I’ve developed such a deeper understanding and interest in nutrition, connection to my food and where it’s sourced, and compassion for other living things. It’s made me more creative in my cooking and more mindful in my eating. And when I started writing for Clean Plates, I realized the principles I stick to at home should also apply to the restaurants I choose and so have adopted a more mindful approach to dining out.

Thank you all for reading and supporting my blog. I will always be in a place of discovery so The Food Buff will continue to evolve. Thanks for sticking around to see what happens next.

If your New Year’s resolution is to start a blog – what are you waiting for? Do it, stick with it, and just like they teach us in kindergarten – be yourself. Write honestly and share openly. There are so many wonderful blogs out there that the only way to be unique is to stay true to your own individual goals, interests, and perspective. Not everyone will agree. Not everyone will love you. It’s ok. At TechMunchGardenFork.TV said “Done is better than perfect.” And when it comes to blogging and other Type-A virgos like myself, this is the best piece of advice I could ever give.

Happy 2012 everyone, and Happy 1 year Anniversary TheFoodBuff.com!



How to Feel Your Best When Traveling

23 Jul

I love traveling. It’s one of my favorite things to do next to cooking. This summer, I’m doing a ton of it, and it can take its toll if I don’t take good care of myself. Flying can be brutal. Seats are tight, waits are infinite, and unpredictable. With nothing but peanuts and pretzels, it’s no surprise we end up feeling disgusting. We’re bloated, tired, dehydrated, hungry, and just plain CRANKY! This is why whenever I travel, I try to be kind to myself so I don’t end up feeling like a wreck.

Here are some guidelines on “How to Feel Your Best When Traveling” with a before, during, and after plan.

Got a travel routine you want to share? Let’s hear it! Perhaps you’ve got an upcoming trip or vacation that you’re not sure how to prepare for? Just ask!!


  • Fill-up on a nutritious, satisfying meal at home. Try hearty foods like whole grain oatmeal (not instant) with fresh fruit, multi-grain sandwich with veggies and lean protein.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – Drink tons of water (and coconut water).
  • Pack snacks and meals for the journey. Make your own trail mix with nuts and dried fruit, pack an orange (they’re durable, can go through security), sandwich wraps travel well, or healthy snacks
  • Make time to exercise before you leave. Get your blood flowing and lift your spirits before you embark on your trip.
  • Research and plan out exercise & meals in advance – Find out if there’s a hotel gym or  See if there are studios in the area you may want to try. Maybe this is an opportunity to try something new! Make dinner reservations in advance so you know you’ll have options and won’t have to rely on the hotel.


  • Stick to the plan! Stay away from anything processed. Don’t get distracted by the airport newsstands and fast food stations. Many airports now have healthier options. Sweets, chips, and sodas are going to throw your blood sugar levels off, and add to the dehydration you’re already going to experience.
  • If you can, try not to sit too much in the airport. You’re going to be sitting for hours so try to move around and keep the circulation going in your legs.
  • Skip that in-flight coffee and soda. Stick to water and lots of it. Coffee and soda will just add to your dehydration. I even politely decline the free handouts on the flight so I’m not tempted.
  • Snooze on the flight. Pack an eye mask and ear plugs (or noise canceling headphones) so you can rest without disruption. Being overtired often makes me susceptible to poor food choices later.
  • And if you can’t snooze…Keep your mind occupied with books, magazines or movies


  • Get Creative. Ask the hotel for a second mini refrigerator so you can stock up on water and healthy eats. (This can also prevent that mini-bar raid and save some money!)
  • Hit the local grocery store. Pick up some fresh fruit, green avocado, hummus, coconut water, small bag of veggies or baby carrots.
  • Be active. Try walking as much as you can throughout the day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to lunch or dinner. Explore your new area! Maybe hit a museum or go to a local park if you have time. Try stretching in your room or sign up for a yoga, spin or Pilates class. Many studios even offer a free first class!
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